Friday, February 11, 2005

I think I have kicked my coke addiction

Ok now that really sounds worse than it is. Firstly let me apologise for my really bad mood this week. Let me explain ..... Just over a week ago I went to the doctors as I have not been sleeping well at all. After asking various questions he asked me how many cups of coffee I drink a day. I was always been proud of the fact that I dont drink coffee and therefore lead a caffine free life.

Now heres the part where I feel stupid - It never occured to me that the 2 litres of Coca Cola I have been drinking daily had caffine in it (Well at least not enough to keep you staring at the ceiling all night) I think I should dye my hair blonde. The doctor was amazed I was getting any sleep at all drinking that much coke every day and said I could expect it to take up to a month to get off the "coke" altogether.

After a week of bad tempers and headaches (and rants as demonstrated in my last post) I think I am back to normal and coke free. I now have a new addiction - Caffine free tea. I have taken endless jokes at my expense from family and friends. And, well what can I say ..... "Silly me"

To improve my mood I won £20 on a scratch card this morning, Gary got a bonus in his pay and we are going to repair the car having found the parts really cheap. I am looking forward to a caffine free weekend and a nice long lie in :)

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