Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My Daddy's gay!!!!!!

In the school yard this morning, My daughter was discussing hair length with her friends. I have heard this discussion many times before but this time I nearly died of embarresment. One of the girls commented on how her Daddy had short hair and what does my darling daughter announce proudly to all that would listen?


My four year old daughter has decided that all men with long hair are gay. To prolong the uncomfortable situation even more, my three year old son decided to prance around singing joyfully "gay gay gay gay gay" I suddenly had a vision of the rest of Joanna's class joining in singing "gay gay gay gay gay" and forming a conga line in a perfect Ally Mcbeal moment (which coincidently is one of husbands favourite programmes)

I felt I had to comment on the situation and said "It would explain his devestation when Steps and S Club split up but I dont think so sweetie"

Husband released this statement "We are totally comfortable with ones sexuality and there are no plans to shorten hair length in the foreseeable future"

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